-  T E S T I M O N I A L S  -

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. Max Hiltner is dynamite in the courtroom by connecting with the jury, recalling facts and cultivating good relationships with the opponents and presiding judge. He is professional, dedicated, honest and cares about the livelihood of his clients and their families. He excels in negotiating and hiring experts necessary for a well rounded defense. Max was one of my lawyers that stood between me and a life sentence. Without him on my team I would still be in prison. He will fight for you.

Max handled my father’s case. He gave us thorough and detailed updates throughout the entire process. We were overall very satisfied with the outcome and would recommend anyone to hire max if you find yourself with legal issues.

Max is professional, communicative, and thoroughly helpful. He was able to majorly reduce penalties and charges against me in the case which I hired him for and I would recommend him to anyone in need!

Positive: I hired Mr. Hiltner for my sons case that he worked very hard on and he end up getting the case dismissed very great lawyer and if I just so happen to need a lawyer again he’ll be the first one I’ll call.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. Very professional and attentive to detail. He achieved the best possible outcome for me and my case. I highly recommend!

"Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. I am a lawyer. I have known Max for 9 years. He cares about his clients and wants to win. If charged with a crime in Ohio or West Virginia you would be wise to consult with him. He is the best."

"Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness. Max Hiltner was recommended to me by a friend from high school. I was at a low point in my adult life and in need of representation for drug related charges and a potential probation violation. Max didn't just keep me out of jail, he got the charges dropped! This allowed me to seek the help I needed, and I was able to turn things around. From then on, Max is the only attorney I will recommend."

"Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. Maxwell was incredible. I retained him to help my girlfriend. She has pled no contest in the past because she couldn't afford an attorney. That being said she was nervous having to appear in court with her attorney for the first time ever. Max helped ease her nerves and was able to get the case dismissed entirely. Very professional highly recommend."

Positive professionalism & Responsiveness. From day 1 Max made me feel at ease about the process(one I’d never been put in before) and he was very thorough in explaining the charges and what to expect, he was always available to answer any questions I had or to go over updates about my case. I honestly feel that Max was able to get a great result considering the complexity of my situation. I would HIGHLY recommend Max Hiltner to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney (5/5), I felt genuine concern, compassion and that he had my best interest at heart throughout the whole process."

Positive professionalism & Responsiveness. The criminal justice system is not a user friendly place. Max knows how to navigate this world in a highly professional manner to the benefit of his clients. He is the complete package of knowledge, experience, tenacity and presentation. I would have enjoyed seeing him in action at a jury trial, but fortunately that wasn’t necessary. I highly recommend him and hope to never need his services again."

“In evaluating who would be the best defense attorney to retain, RESULTS, above all else, matter more than anything. Max Hiltner delivered a successful result for me recently - his glowing client reviews (which I largely based my hiring decision upon) mirrored his relentless advocacy for me throughout the entire legal process. Max’s singular focus on criminal defense gives his clients the subject matter expertise and the extensive personal relationships with judges and prosecutors needed when the stakes are high. These attributes, coupled with his strong work ethic, (communicating extensively with me despite being on vacation abroad with his wife), Max Hiltner is the defense attorney you want in your corner.”

“I had a very unique circumstance applying for a CCW that was getting held up and preventing me from achieving my CCW permit. Max helped me to achieve what didn't seem possible at the time. With his help I eventually obtained my concealed carry permit. Top notch attorney!”

"Max was recommended by a family member and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He’s down to earth, straight shooter, easy to talk to and will have your best interest at heart. Do not hesitate to call Max if you need help"

"Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself saying (oh man I need an attorney now) I found myself in this situation recently and a family member recommended Max. When I met with Max I found him to be honest and a straight shooter, I’ve never had to deal with an attorney before but when I met with Max my preconceived ideas were completely off. I strongly recommend Max and his team when or if you get yourself in a tight spot."

"Max is an excellent attorney. His knowledge is fully matched by his personability, and it was truly a pleasure having him help on a matter. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

“Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Max and Nicolette for all of their help with my case. They were extremely patient in answering many of my naive questions and their friendliness helped alleviate my anxiety regarding the matter. I will definitely be passing on their information. Thanks again!”

“If I could give more stars I would. Max ended the nightmare that has haunted me for so long and was on top of everything the whole way through. If you want someone to properly protect your rights I recommend Max every time.”

"Working in the legal field has taught me that there are three kinds of lawyer: good, great, and truly exceptional. Attorney Max Hiltner is a truly exceptional attorney. When I sought out a defense attorney, I was told that the only name I needed was Attorney Hiltner. Fast forward to the conclusion of my legal troubles, where I can say with every confidence that Attorney Hiltner’s name is the only one I will give if I am ever asked the same question. His kindness, availability, skill, and legal expertise cannot be matched. He truly wants the best outcome for every single client, and will do everything in his power to ensure the best result. While I hope to never be on the “wrong” side of the law again, Attorney Hiltner would be my only choice. He, along with his wonderful associate Nicolette, define what it means to be truly exceptional attorneys, and I am forever grateful."

"Max Hiltner was recommended to me by a friend (his fiancé happened to previously work for Max Hiltner). Max Hiltner is a young, and very professional lawyer determined to help you fight any defense case. His associates are exceptionally skilled as well. Although this was my only (and hopefully last) need to hire a lawyer, he was confident and determined to fight it through, until we won. Not only would I suggest Mr. Hiltner, I would strongly encourage you to use his skills for any present or future legal defense needs. I definitely rate him 5/5 stars. If I could rate higher, I most certainly would."

"My husband and I spoke with Max after we learned his lawyer from a few years back left to take on a new role. Max was very helpful and just as wonderful as our original lawyer. Ms. Nicolette Drotos was who came to our hearings and she was absolutely great! She was very quick with any responses to questions and was very organized and timely. We have had this firm from start to finish and have never been disappointed."

“Max and his associate did an outstanding job handling my case. They provided me with a more than happy outcome. Max also was there any time I had a question throughout the whole process and after. Just a quick text and he would call as soon as he could. Thank you again sir! Highly recommend!”

"Mr. Hiltner was recommended to me by a family friend. He was above and beyond what i needed him to do {for my son}. I hired him to represent my sons best interests..but also help him to better himself. THANK YOU Max Hiltner."



"Fantastic attorney who did a great job with the best possible outcome!!! Would recommend him to anyone!!"



"I recently utilized Max Hiltner’s legal services and would highly recommend him. He came as a referral from an attorney I had previously worked with and highly trusted. I was extremely nervous and anxious about my case, facing potential jail time, license suspension, steep fines/penalties, etc. Max did all the work, making what I thought was impossible a reality – the initial charge was dismissed, while pleading guilty to the minor secondary charge,  having to only pay minimal fines/court costs. Max was extremely professional and maintained consistent communication throughout my case. I have already recommended him and will continue to do so going forward, as I was highly satisfied with his services!”."



"I was very pleased with the services I received from Max Hiltner. He was not only able to develop a great strategy for trial, he executed it while overcoming unforeseen adversity in the courtroom. His great professionalism, and confidence made me feel very confident through the whole process of my ovi case, which concluded in a not guilty verdict."



“We have used Maxwell Hiltner for various cases and have always been extremely pleased with the representation that we received. His representation and communication are superior. Having worked for and dealt with many attorneys over the years, it is hard to find one that you are comfortable enough with to trust them 100%. Mr. Hiltner kept open communication with us throughout the whole process, answered any questions we had, and always followed through with the court. I would definitely utilize him in the future if the need should arise and would recommend his services to anyone that is looking for a great attorney!”



"I highly recommend Max Hiltner As a trial attorney. Very professional. He kept me informed on the progress of my case on a regular basis. Max always returned texts and phone calls in a timely manner. Due to his efforts the charges against me were dismissed."



"My experience with Max Hiltner saved my life. I had prior violent cases, not to mention all my cases had the influence of alcohol.  My last case, I hired Max... I just knew I was going to prision, but after speaking with Max and telling him about my case, and prior cases he made me feel like I could trust him, and that everything would be alright. I felt like he cared about me, and I was right, because Max Hiltner fought for my freedom. His outstanding fight allowed me to be free and live my life on the right path. I recommend him to everyone!!"



"Maxwell Hiltner is an honest and caring attorney.  He represents his clients with honesty and compassion. All my questions were always answered and then some.  He goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are taken care of. I am so thankful he represented me.  Would definitely recommend him in a heartbeat. Thank you Max"



"Mr. Hiltner knows how to help people in their darkest moments and he is exceptional at it. I highly suggest that if you find yourself in such a place, especially criminal (where I've also been myself) that you call Attorney Hiltner. I've never met an attorney more passionate or caring about their clients as I have when I met Max. I would recommend him to anyone and I actually do so if I hear about anyone in trouble. Attorney Hiltner not only knows the law, but he's professional, diligent and thorough. If anyone finds themselves in need of representation, I would guarantee they wouldn't be disappointed with Mr. Hiltner. Thank you again Max! I can't say it enough!"



"I would recommend Maxwell Hiltner to anybody who needs legal services! I came into a legal situation for the first time in my life and had no idea what to do. I found Maxwell's website and sent him a message. He responded within an hour and set up a phone call to discuss my case that day. He walked me through the whole process, kept me updated and called me immediately once he had any information on my case. Bottom line, he told me what he could do for me and then went out and did it! I couldn't be happier with the results! Thanks Maxwell, you brought so much relief to me in a time of uncertainty and high stress."



"As my lawyer Max Hiltner had me readily informed and up to date about everything that was happening. I was never confused and anytime something new came about he handled it quickly and did everything needed to get a good outcome for me. Hiltner was at all court hearing and made the whole process easy as possible for me."



"Max always responded to my mail emails. He always kept me informed on developments in the case and possible outcomes. He is confident in court and developed multiple courtroom strategies. At a time when many people have no confidence in any aspect of the judicial system, Max restores some of that confidence."



"Maxwell did an outstanding job representing my case. He looked out for my best interests. His work ethic was apparent in the way he promptly and thoroughly followed through with all the preparations for my case. I am very satisfied with the outcome."



"This was the first (and hopefully only!) occasion in which I needed to hire a lawyer. I did my due diligence by asking personal friend, who is a lawyer out-of-town, for recommendations in Cleveland. He came back with two options; one who had been practicing for 30 years (and his expensive rates reflected this) and another, Max, who had only been practicing for one year (his rates were much more reasonable). He assured me that Max was extremely intelligent and had a great drive to be an extremely successful lawyer. So I decided to give Max call just, thinking that an initial conversation would be beneficial for me to judge the situation. I called him on a Saturday afternoon and to my surprise he was more than willing to chat with me at length. He took a good 40 minutes out of his weekend to speak with me. Not only was I impressed by his past triumphs in the courtroom, but his calm, understanding and easy to talk to demeanor was endearing. By the end of the conversation I legitimately felt as if I was speaking with an old friend. On top of that, he agreed to move around his schedule to meet me at the downtown courthouse on Monday morning. Monday rolled around and I was immediately glad to have him there. There were complications that arose and I would have been clueless on how to handle them. This was just the start. Throughout the process, Max was extremely knowledgeable on how to proceed in every situation. He always met me on time and always was pleasant to work with. Whenever I needed anything, I could call, text or email and he would respond promptly. His knowledge of the courtroom landscape and all the politics involved were invaluable. He worked extremely hard in writing a lengthy notice of suppression (I believe this is what it was called) which ended up being accepted. This resulted in the court offering a plea which I accepted. Not to mention, I complicated the situation by driving under a suspended license. Just like telling your parents or boss that you did something wrong, I was nervous to call Max. When I called, he was more than understanding. I absolutely could not believe it. I had just potentially ruined everything he had going for us in the DUI case and he spoke to me in such a calm matter. With this charge, I was facing jail time and was extremely nervous. Again, working with Max was so calming. He never beat around the bush when giving me information but nevertheless made me feel confident with his knowledge and positive attitude. In this case he was able to get everything dropped by working with the prosecutor. In conclusion, if I were ever again in a situation where I required a lawyer, I would absolutely call Max. I could not have received better outcomes and could not have had a better time working with someone in an extremely stressful situation. He has a genuine care for your situation and after all is said and done, he will be someone you can call your friend."




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