Partnering With an Experienced OVI Lawyer


Need to hire an OVI lawyer? Maxwell Hiltner can help you navigate the legal process as efficiently as possible


Maxwell Hiltner: The OVI Lawyer for You


A drunk driving charge can set off a series of damaging consequences. However, when you partner with an experienced OVI lawyer, you can speed up the legal process and prevent your charges from taking over your life. If you have been looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney, then you can feel confident in partnering with the Hiltner Law Firm.


Short term repercussions can include the temporary suspension of driving privileges, jail time, raising costs of insurance, court-mandated community service or education and varying fines. Long term impacts, however, can often include the full loss of driving privileges, risks to employment or academic status or scholarships and damage to personal relationships. Maxwell Hiltner and his team commit to taking any client’s case as far as it needs and recognize the weight of an OVI charge; as an OVI lawyer, Hiltner commits to preserving any client’s future.


The Hiltner Law Firm: A Reliable and Experienced Team


Maxwell Hiltner and his team have an extensive record of success in OVI cases. The team has a demonstrated history of securing minimal sentences despite damaging evidence. Clients from all over Ohio and West Virginia count on Hiltner for expert legal counsel for both state and federal cases.


Your charges do not have to overwhelm your life. When you hire an experienced OVI lawyer from the Hiltner Law Firm, you take a proactive approach to your case. The legal process can be intimidating, without a doubt. However, you can take control of your future when you hire an OVI lawyer from the Hiltner Law Firm.

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