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Are you facing a federal criminal charge? If you’ve been accused of a federal crime, then you’re probably going to be in need of a federal criminal defense lawyer. Whether you’re still being investigated or have already been indicted, The Hiltner Law Firm is available to assist you. If you’ve begun the process of looking for a lawyer, do your homework and don’t just hire the first one you talk to. Rather, choose the lawyer that has a proven track record and the experience to litigate your case.


Hiring an Experienced Defense Attorney


When it comes down to hiring a federal criminal defense lawyer, it’s important to know who exactly you’re hiring to defend you. When you do hire a lawyer, you must be certain they are willing and ready to go to trial with your best interests in mind. If you’re not quite sure what type of lawyer you should be hiring, then rest assured because The Hiltner Law Firm can assist you with that. Call today for your free consultation to determine what type of lawyer is best for your specific situation.


Hiring a Trial Lawyer


A federal criminal defense lawyer represents someone who is facing federal criminal charges in a court of law. Trial lawyers bring experience and professionalism when it comes to knowing how the system works and defending your rights. It is a defense lawyer’s responsibility to appear with their clients at first appearances, arraignments, arguments on motions, guilty pleas, trial, sentences and post-sentencing matters.  The defense lawyers of The Hiltner Law Firm are beside you every step of the way.


The Importance of hiring an Experienced Defense Lawyer


As a client going through an uncertain circumstance, having an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer by your side is comforting. The intention is to not have to go to trial, but rest assured if you do, our defense lawyers are more than ready to represent you. Furthermore, when an experienced and well-known defense attorney enters the courtroom, other attorneys and the police will take notice. Because of this, there will be circumstances where those parties re-evaluate the case in an attempt to avoid a trial. As a result, our clients face a much more favorable outcome.


The Hiltner Law Firm has many years of experience defending clients in a federal court of law. Our firm understands what is at stake. When your freedom, your family, your career are at stake, choose a federal criminal defense lawyer that has your back; choose The Hiltner Law Firm.

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