The Hiltner Law Firm | 6 Tips For Choosing a Domestic Violence Lawyer


When you have the right domestic violence lawyer, your charges do not have to control your life. 


Tips for Finding the Right Domestic Violence Lawyer for Your Case


Have you been looking for a reliable domestic violence lawyer?  If so, then it is critical to set aside time for research.  Once you find a lawyer who is compatible with your situation, you have the power to command the next chapter of your life. 

1. Look for a Specialty in Criminal Law

  • Look for a demonstrated history of wins.

  • Check the educational backgrounds of potential attorneys.

2. Find out if a Potential Attorney is Willing to Go to Trial

  • Find out how many cases he or she has taken all the way to trial.

  • Is he or she vocal about a willingness to go to trial? 

3. See if a Firm Has a Defined Payment Setup

  • Communication that is both honest and clear is key.

  • The least expensive option is not always the ideal option.

4. Look for Both Efficient and Courteous Communication Practices

  • Does a firm respond quickly to phone calls or emails?

  • Does a firm provide consistent updates on case progression? 

5. Get Referrals

  • Reach out to friends or family and find out how they have dealt with similar situations. 

  • Check with legal professionals you may know from other matters and get their perspectives. 

6. Consult Online Reviews 

  • Check reviews on search engines and review websites to gain a general idea of a firm’s reputation in your area.

  • It is essential to consider several other factors alongside online reviews, as there can be significant emotions that influence them. 


The Hiltner Law Firm | Domestic Violence Lawyer


Maxwell Hiltner began his legal practice as a direct response to a lack of specialized criminal defense resources in his community.  If you choose a domestic violence lawyer from The Hiltner Law Firm, then you take control of the next chapter of your life.  In all, Maxwell Hiltner sets himself apart through a distinct willingness to go to trial and genuine advocacy for clients’ causes.

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